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Thank you for giving joy to foster and adopted children during the holidays!
Sign up to either match with a child or host a gift card drive.


Match Program:

  1. Indicate how many children you would like to support.
  2. FosterAdopt Connect will send you the wish list information.
  3. You can then shop for three or more gifts from the wish list. While there is no spending limit, donors typical give about $100 per child.
  4. You deliver or ship gifts directly to FosterAdopt Connect per the information you will receive.
We’re very thankful you’ve chosen to support kids during the holiday season. Because we want to serve each child well, we ask that you keep in mind a few things:
  • The timelines we share with you are so that we can serve children in a timely way ahead of the Holiday and allow families to make sure each child has what they most want. Please be mindful of delivering items on time.
  • We only accept new items, items with tags and original packaging, and age-appropriate items.
  • While we hope you are able to match with more than one child, if you wish to add more children after your original registration, please contact us to do so. This allows us to provide better tracking.
  • Because of the current pandemic, we request that you avoid providing “experience” gifts or gifts for the family.
Gift Drive Program:
  • The "Toyporium" serves children entering foster care after the Match Program deadline. Caregivers “shop” for gifts in the "Toyporium" store at no cost. There is frequently a shortage of gifts for children who come into care close to the holidays, so gift drives are extremely helpful! Due to COVID-19, gift cards are preferred, however, we will graciously accept new gifts. We only accept new items, items with tags and original packaging, and age-appropriate items.

FosterAdopt Connect can provide you with collection barrels, collection gift card slot boxes, signage, flyers, and a list of the most popular Toyporium items.

If you have any questions or issues, please email

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