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The Fostering Prevention program provides assistance to families who are at risk of child welfare involvement. In order for a family to be eligible for Fostering Prevention services, they must meet the following criteria:
  • One child needs to be between the ages of 6-17.
  • The child must be living in the home with the caregiver.
  • Caregivers must be open to receiving services, including participation in evidence-based parenting curriculum.
Fostering Prevention is currently only serving the following areas out of our respective branch offices:

Independence (Jackson County)
Chillicothe (Livingston, DeKalb, Caldwell, Daviess, & Clinton Counties)
Joplin (Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Barton, Vernon, Cedar, & Dade Counties)
Springfield (Greene County)
Poplar Bluff (Stoddard, Carter, Ripley, Wayne, & Dunklin Counties)

Referrals will only be reviewed/accepted for these areas.
Please choose which office you are referring to in the Location section below.

Program Eligibility
Is at least one child in the home between the ages of 6 and 17?*
Is the child living in the home with the caregiver?*
Is the caregiver willing to receive services, including participating in the parenting curriculum?*
FAC Location*  
Parent 1 Information
First Name*
Last Name*
Cell Phone*
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Home Email
Street Address*
Enter Region
Zip Code*
Date of Birth Calendar
Birth Parent Identified Gender*  
Race & Ethnicity*
Sexual Orientation*  
Current Benefits
Employment Status  
Highest Level of Education  
Relationship to Child (Parent 1)*  
Parent 1 Immediate services identified*
Parent 1 Annual Income*  
Parent 2 Information
Parent 2 Name
Parent 2 Cell Phone
Enter Int'l Number
Parent 2 Email
Parent 2 Address
Parent 2 City
Parent 2 State
Parent 2 Zip Code
Parent 2 County
Parent 2 Date of Birth Calendar
Parent 2 Identified Gender  
Parent 2 Race & Ethnicity
Parent 2 Sexual Orientation  
Parent 2 Employment Status  
Parent 2 Highest Level of Education  
Relationship to Child (Parent 2)  
Parent 2 Immediate services identified
Parent 2 Annual Income  
Case Details
Reason for Referral*
Please be specific in describing what parental support is needed and the strengths that have been identified within the family unit.
Pertinent Family Information*
History of Child Welfare Involvement*
Have the children or the family come to the attention of the state child welfare agency for any reason in the past? If so, please provide information about this involvement.
Is there a TAPA?*
Date TAPA Started Calendar
Date TAPA Ended Calendar
Number of Adults Living in Home*
Number of Total Children Living In Home*
Children's Division Worker
If not applicable, enter "N/A."
Children's Division Worker Phone Number
Enter Int'l Number
Children's Division Worker Email
Referral Source*  
Referral Source Contact Information*
Name, Phone, Email...etc.
Children Involved  
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  Children Involved
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